Thursday, May 03, 2007

Of Chickens and Men

When I posted my last entry I put a little note at the bottom about hoping to be able to post some chicken pictures soon. Well, soon can sooner than I expected! On Monday my dad called to tell me he was on the way to my uncles with the trailer so he would drop off the wood that I needed to build the pen. He showed up Tuesday afternoon and after unloading we were talking about his plans. That was when I found out that he would be driving through again on Wednesday afternoon. We immediatly decided to have him bring back our chickens which meant we only had about 24 hours to build their home! So, between soccer practices and my work at church we got the main parts of the pen done in time to house the chickens. I haven't finished the nest box yet, but they are in their new home and hopefully we begin giving us some eggs. We have six of the lovely ladies!

Here are some pictures of the pen building process. I used mostly salvaged materials to keep the costs down and designed something that is somewhat movable. I need to do a little work on the move ability part, buy you can read the next post for those details!

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