Saturday, May 12, 2007

Laying Eggs for the Book Farm...

Here is a quck picture of three of our hens in the laying boxes ... errr ... buckets. They are just free 5 gallon pails from the grocery store that I cut up with my jig saw. It took them a day or so to get used to them, but for the past two days we have picked out 5 eggs each day!


I just thought I would add a quick update to say that all six of our chickens laid yesterday! We had topped out at five layers a few times, but we had one black hen that hadn't laid since the day we brough her home. Well, yesterday she got back on track and hopefully we will be able to average about five a day from here on out. If we can do that then we will begin selling some eggs to help cover the costs. We will just be looking for 2-4 people to buy a dozen eggs every week or two. Hopefully this can be a small step in the farming direction for us. It would be a very small step, but a step nonetheless.

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