Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TBF 104 :: Farming Questions & Answers, Finding the Mix, and a Hard Lesson Learned

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"The Beginning Farmer Video" Kickstarter Campaign

beginningfarmerquestions.jpgWhy in the world would you shave your beard in the middle of winter when snow is coming? What are a few of your farming tricks of the trade? How do you decide when you need to make price increases? Those are just a sampling of the questions that I'm going to attempt to address on this weeks episode. Notice that I was very clear there and I did not say I would "answer" them, but rather I'll just do my best to share my thoughts. Below you'll find a list of the questions that came in over on the Facebook page and the links that relate to those questions. One of my most favorite things about farming is the exchange of knowledge, so if you have any thoughts on these subjects please comment below!

Farming Questions From Listeners:

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