Monday, September 23, 2013

TBF 029 :: The Crooked Gap Farm Meat CSA Announcement Episode

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A Hoop House, a Meat CSA, the Soap Club, and More...

This is the big news that we have been hinting at for a while now. We are very excited to tell you about our plans for expansion of the farm with the construction of a hoop house, our new Meat CSA Subscription, the Soap of the Month Club, and how all of those things fit together!
After much research, we have decided that in order to produce more hogs and build sustainability on our farm, we need to build a hoop house.  This hoop house would allow us to increase the number of hogs we raise out, decrease the number of hogs we bring in, and provide a comfortable place full of deep bedding and natural lighting for this greater volume of pigs to wander in and out of during the winter while they wait for spring, summer, and fall where they will reside in the larger pastures and woods. To check out our new website detailing our project, visit

The biggest hurdle we face in putting up our hoop house is the capital expense. We are excited, however, about the new offerings we have available to not only provide our customers valuable products, but to also help us raise the needed funds.

Meat CSA Subscription:
This prepaid membership will allow you to receive pre-assembled shares of our meat products to be enjoyed on a regular basis throughout the year. This is the perfect opportunity for those who don’t have freezer space for a whole or half hog, who like to cook with a variety of meat cuts, and who don’t want to try to beat the crowds at the Downtown Des Moines Market to get those prime cuts which sell out so quickly.

There are three levels of our Meat CSA

  • Full Share :: $1400    
    24 Shares Delivered Twice a Month - 216 lbs of meat and 24 dozen eggs
  • Half Share :: $775
    24 Shares Delivered Twice a Month - 108 lbs of meat and 24 dozen eggs
  • Quarter Share :: $400
    12 Shares Delivered Once a Month - 54 lbs of meat and 12 dozen eggs
If you are interested in more information about the Meat CSA Subscription check out this link.

Whole/Half Hog Purchase:
We are offering the opportunity to purchase a hog upfront for us to raise out for the summer/fall of 2014.  The majority of the cost of your hog will be paid upfront, allowing us to bring in additional Herefords from a trusted farm and providing the funds needed to grow them to market weight. Once your hog is ready for processing, the remaining balance will be due, as well as the locker processing fees. The upfront purchase price of a whole hog is $375 and a half hog is $175. If you would like to purchase a whole/half hog please e-mail us.

Soap of the Month Club Membership:
As a member of our “Soap of the Month Club”, you will receive pre-selected bars of our Farmcrafted Soap mailed to you throughout the year for personal use or to give as gifts.  This soap is full of natural emollients which leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft, smooth, clean, and moisturized. It's “A soap so wonderful, it doesn’t need to be scented!”

  • Full Membership ::   $150 / 24 bar
    2 bars of Farmcrafted Soap mailed once per month
  • Half Membership ::   $75 / 12 bars
    2 bars of Farmcrafted Soap mailed every other month
You can learn more about the Soap of the Month Club here.

Additional Opportunities:
For additional ways to support our project we also have a limited amount of Crooked Gap Farm T-Shirts available and information on how to be a Hoop House Backer.

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