Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Beginning Farmer Show ... Will Be Late

You'll hear about it when I finally get around to recording this weeks episode (which will happen this week), but for the time being let's just say it has been one of those weeks on the farm (and on my neighbors farm that I work on). On top of my all around grumpy mood and tired self I also took Tuesday morning off and am taking this morning off as well to spend some time at the fair with the kids. My oldest will be joining 4-H next year so we have to scout out the competition ... I mean it will be nice to know who it is that will be beating us! But, just to prove I am working on the episode I have a sneak peek ...

  • Of course there will be some time for farm updates ... which include the fact that I took a step up and drove the big boy John Deere equipment this week (okay ... maybe not the big boy ... but it was big for me)
  • "Big Farmers and Small Farmers" ... when I was a "beginning" beginning farmer as opposed to just a beginning farmer like I am now I may have said, "vs." instead of "and". I have a lot of thoughts on this topic.
  • Oh ... the hard lesson ... let's just say that it is about the need to do what you think you need to do even if you don't think you need to do it. Hopefully it will make more sense when I talk about it!

So ... tune in soon ... for the next episode of "The Beginning Farmer Show!"

1 comment:

Kat @ Where the Sidewalk Ends said...

Hi Ethan, we're hoping it gets recorded tonight, as we have a 24 hour flight from Australia tomorrow, and hope to listen to it on the plane! No pressure or anything ;-)

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