Friday, September 02, 2011

Farm Blogging

It's been months since I have sat down to write a blog post and actually accomplished something, but the video below (and the thoughts that are screaming to get out of my brain) reminded of one of the reasons I liked blogging. I like stumbling across things like this and then sharing and interacting with the feedback.

Here is what I think of the video ... I like Coldplay ... I like this song ... Willie Nelson does an interesting cover of it ... the animation is fun ... the subject matter is cool ... and maybe it is a little bit of a commercial for Chipotle. Also, I've been reworking my blog in my head ... which may mean a bit of a relaunch if anyone is interested ...

Without further ado ... Willie Nelson singing "The Scientist"and a farming video all wrapped into one ::


Walt said...

Glad to see you are blogging again! Cool video even if it is an advertisement for Chipotle.

Paul said...

Very cool video, I got just a little choked up as this idea is something I've come to believe in so strongly. Of course, Willie has always had a special place in my heart, so that may have had something to do with it! But as the little animated dude is running around flipping the switches to put things back the way they were (and should be), my heart was cheering him along... yes, yes, YES!

Ok, enough touchy-feely... glad you are back blogging and I look forward to what your new vision for the blog will entail. See you back here soon!

Anonymous said...

It seems like we are just struggling with this topic societally. I've not been to Chipotle, but I assume they are a restaurant chain. They need to have high volumes of consistent product year around, nation-wide. So how could they ever buy from a local-yokel, small volume farmer?

The image of the little guy loading a single wooden produce crate into a truck is deceiving and a little romanticized. Their stores probably get a semi truck delivery once a week with hundreds of pounds of vacuum-packed meat and vegetables that can stand up to storage. And processed beans that can cook quickly? Even if they wanted to buy from us and were willing to pay our prices, we can't supply them with what they need.

I feel like corporations are just telling people what they want to hear, that "we believe in sustainability and supporting small farmers" and they just leave off mentioning "... but we have to buy from huge factory farms because that's the only practical way to supply a restaurant chain like ours."

I would like to eat at a restaurant that says "oh, sorry, we're out of hamburger, what's left of the cow we bought this week is skirt steak and stew meat- how about that?" ;-)

Ethan Book said...

colliefarm -

I can't say a lot about Chipotle, but yes they are a chain ... I do believe the do a decent job of buy local though especially if they can do it through some sort of coop. I think Polyface sells to them ... of course he is pretty good sized!

I agree with you though ... I want to see consumers help me use the whole pig :)

Rich said...

First, after watching the video a few times, I've had that song going through my head over and over today.

Second, when I watched the video, I saw a young man start a farm, grow it to a certain point and type of farm, and then later in life, he decided to change it back to a type of farm that better suited him, his family, and his land. There is a powerful message in that sort of thought process (at least the way I see it).

Or, I can't change the world singlehandedly, all I can do is change my little piece of the world to suit me.

I'm looking forward to more of your blogging (and possibly a few farm updates?).

Steven said...

Awesome video Ethan!

Rock Valley Livestock Co. said...

I really enjoyed that video. Thanks for posting it!

Walter Jeffries said...

Unfortunately I can't see the video (sporadic bandwidth issues here) but going from the comments my thought is that the real thing that needs to change is having people more willing to accept, neigh, interested in variety, in not having everything be the same at every eatery, at every store.

When we go to a restaurant that is not a chain we don't expect it to be the same as another restaurant across the street. Rather each is treasured for what it offers.

Once that change happens it allows smaller farms to serve local restaurants and stores. Our farm serves the pork needs of about 30 area stores and restaurants each week. We haven't taken on any big chains (there is one small chain of three) for the reason described here - we simply can't offer that sort of volume.

MikedUpIN said...

I'll have to check the video when I get home. Just wanted to let you know that it is good to see another post. Had started to wonder if one of those summer storms got you.


Amish Stories said...

Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard

Leontien said...

If seen this video before. I like Willy and i like Coldplay!

Hope to see you more often!

Anonymous said...


enjoy reading your blog. :D
all the best.


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