Monday, June 27, 2011

Need a Sign :: Need Your Help

Okay ... the first farmer's market is coming up very quickly and I need some serious help on a sign for the tent. I am feeling sort of uncreative at the moment which is why I have seven sign ideas instead of just one. I feel like I've tried to cram too much information onto the signs, but here they are anyways. You may have noticed that I'm focusing on the "heritage breed meats" thing a lot instead of the farm name. Part of that is because the heritage breeds are something important to the farm and I'm new to the market so it helps differentiate me from the other livestock farms there. And part of it is ... well it is because I got stuck on that phrase. Please let me know if there is one You particularly like ... or if I should just go with a simple "Crooked Gap Farm" sign. Just place your vote in the comments, and as always ... thanks for the help!

Sign #1 ::

Sign #2 ::

Sign #3 ::

Sign #4 ::

Sign #5 ::

Sign #6 ::

Sign #7 ::


K said...

I vote for #4, but decrease the font size of "Heritage Breed Meats", and right justify it, so there is more white space between "Crooked Gap" and the rest.

White space is a good thing :)

Love your blog, btw!

BlueGate said...

I like the first 2, but can't decide between them. They are a bit "loaded" but I like the connection to the old newspaper ad look and it will certainly make your sign recognizable from a distance and among the sea of other signs.

Ruby.Rebecca said...

One or six. Good designs there!

Two looks awkward overall.
Three, hard to find the name of farm.
Four, again with the awkward.
Five, boring.
And seven, again with "from where?"

You did ask for editorial advice right? LOL

Good job by the way, and BEST of luck at your first Farmer's Market!!!

Wonder Wy said...

I like the first sign. It is busy but that's not always bad in the sign world.

Anonymous said...

Like #2 and #4
As you grow your logo of Crooked Gap will be more and more important so start branding now and make sure it is prominent.
Without the picture of the pig, #4 is less fussy but the "Pork :: Beef Lamb..." lines should be centered under the Heritage Breeds Meats line.
Why a picture of a pig since you are selling more than pork?
I like the bottom line in #2 with the website and town/state address separate, very readable.

julie said...

I like number 4 the print like in number 3. I'm just not in love with the pig.

Jason said...

I'd go with #3.

Ryan said...

#7 It has the best white space ballance, I can read it from far away.

I was told once that a business name should be as general as possible, you may shift towards offerening breads, flowers, etc.

An alternative is #5 with the Heritage Breed Meats removed and the rest centered like in #7.

Ethan Book said...

Thanks for all the ideas ... keep them coming!!!

Rich said...

I agree with julie, center the print in #4 like it is in #3 and replace the pig with 'Crooked Gap'.

And sort of like K said, make the size of 'Crooked Gap' a little bigger, and reduce the size of 'Heritage Breed Meats' a little.

Ruth said...

I like #1. I like the pig and the fact that your farm name is plainly visible and how everything is nicely centered, then again, this is not an expert opinion.

Anonymous said...

I would go with #4, it helps build your brand with your logo and gets your point across. Good luck at the market.

Q said...

#4 is the way to go. As "K" stated, decrease the font of "Heritage Breed Meats" for a bit more white space.

I initially liked the pig, but you are selling more than pork, and some people may not approach, thinking that's all you do sell.

Your sign should immediately tell people 1) who you are and 2) what you're selling. Good luck!

KalaJo said...

I liked six and two. But two does need more white space. It's pretty busy. Good luck!

Dayna said...

As a graphic designer turned farmer wannabe:

or #6

My only suggestion would be to bring in the bottom line of text to center everything so your eye flows better.
& on #6, make sure there is good white space around your farm's logo.
As someone said, space is good.

...& I love the pig, btw.!

Anonymous said...

I like #2 just the way it is. You get your farm's name in there along with the pig to draw attention. I would even go a little further with some color like pink for the pig! Just my 2cents.
Good luck!

David N said...

I vote #5 with some changes :). First of all take out the black square with Heritage breed meats and change to same size CGF logo. Next add Heritage breeds to list along with hormone free, grass fed, ect. Next, Grass Fed and Pasture Raised seems redundant, so maybe one of those could go to make room for Heritage Breeds.

Good luck with the farmers market season!

Lily Glenn said...

I think #1 or #7 ... I like Your first idea for the sign on #1, and I like Your farm name being the focus in #7 ... it's a great name, and I think people will be looking for the Crooked Gap name at the market.

I don't really think You can go wrong either way. Trust Your gut.

Cate K said...

I am torn between #3 & #6. The Heritage Breed Meats is important, but readability is too. And I want to know the name of the farm... some folks will think it is Heritage Breed Meats and not Crooked Gap Farm.

Cate K said...

I am torn between #3 & #6 but leaning towards #6. The Heritage Breed Meats is important and you want to push that... but you don't want them to loose the name of the farm.

CoventryvilleJanine said...

Sign #2 BT
1) with a pig image on one side
2) and a lamb image on the other
3) and the name of the farm, inside a rectangle that sort of looks like a piece of board,between the two animal images

CoventryvilleJanine said...

I vote for #2 BUT
1) put the pig icon on the left and
2) put lamb icon on the right
3) put words Heritage Breed Meats into a distinctive font...that looks as if it was carved into wood and place those words into a rectangle that looks like a piece of wood that was used to make a sign
4) put the Heritage Meats "sign" above and between the two animal icons at the top of the sign you are creating

Erin said...

Not that it helps because everyone seems to have a different opinion! :) But I agree with Julie/Rich - #3 replacing the pig with Crooked Gap.

Anonymous said...

One or six--if you use both "crooked gap" and "heritage breed meats", set the farm name to the right so it doesn't run together with the rest of the text.

sel said...

I find 7 the most appealing. It is straight forward with your name, what you offer, and then general information. Good luck.

Paul said...

I vote for #1, since the heritage meats are what you are highlighting. I would suggest adding a simple "from" above "Crooked Gap" to make it read "Heritage Breed Meats from Crooked Gap" as you read it from left to right. #1 tells what is being sold (first and foremost), by whom, and keeps your brand/logo out there in front of the customer.

One quick question... are all the animals you will be selling truly "heritage" breeds? I know the Dexter is and I think the lamb also, but what about the pigs and chickens? I just didn't want you to get caught in an advertising half-truth, but can't remember which specific breeds you have chosen to raise. The signs look great, and good luck at the market!

Walter Jeffries said...

I like the first one.

farmhousewife said...

Number SEVEN! Your farm name and logo should be sticking in a persons mind; that way they will know what you have in the future when they see that logo/sign.

Nice work, by the way!

Sarah said...

I like #7 for sure, you need your farm name the first thing people see.

Neal and Laura said...

I'd go with Number 7. It's good to get your name out there. And I agree with another person above me that it has a good balance of white space, and I can read it far away better.

Also, it might be easier, if you or your wife are good at painting to make your own sign by hand... My wife painted an 8-foot 1x12 board for our stand and it looks great!

Karen said...

Personally I like number 7 the best. It is clean and simple. You have an interesting farm name. In some of the other options where you have just 'crooked gap' on the side, the fact that it doesn't say 'farm' as well seems weird. I would be wondering what the heck 'crooked gap' meant. Like someone else suggested, you might end up with other things besides meat.
We are also market vendors, and have one of the most mixed up booths at the market. Sewing, jams and jellies, veggies, eggs, plants, cut flowers, herbs, fruit.

Karen said...

I was also going to add that if you could use the space for something more important, I'd leave off the website. If I wanted to find out more about you, I'd just google the farm name to see if anything came up.

Hamons said...

So what did you end up choosing Ethan? I like what you are doing - concentrating on what the consumer cares about and what makes you important to them -- Heritage meat -- but putting your brand up just enough to imprint that a little.

We are in the very beginning stages of marketing our own beginning farm -- and we are asking the same types of decisions.

Jeff Hamons
Synergistic Acres - Kansas City Natural Farm

Anonymous said...

I vote for sign #6;
It clearly states what your tent has to offer (I suppose);
On this sign "Crooked gap" is large enough and intriguing enough for someone who wants to read further; And of course the URL is always there when they decide to get closer (I am no artist but I dabble in engineering)

Anonymous said...

Sign #2

Jewel Greenberg said...


Tara said...

Not sure if you're still taking votes...but I like #1. I just came across your blog, as I did a google search on small farm how to. You have a great blog! And, totally random as well, but I see you are in Knoxville, husband grandparents and some family live there. His grandpa actually used to be a pig he works at Wells Fargo. Anyway, good luck and I am bookmarking your blog!

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