Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Muddy Hole Farm

life in the muddy hole
There was a time last year when I was searching for a new farm name that I wanted to call the farm "Muddy Hole Farm". I thought it was a fitting name because there always seems to be mud on the farm somewhere and because it works with the whole pig being a pig thing. Of course there was also the historical aspect of the name because "Muddy Hole" was the name of one of George Washington's farms. But, after careful though and input from others I decided maybe it just didn't convey that picture of a beautiful pasture based farm! I still say the name would fit though ... I mean just take a look at this picture on the right.

Mud is always going to be an issue on any farm, but it is compounded a little on this farm because I don't have gravel in some of the areas that are highly traveled by the tractor or even in the shed. This of course leads to some major ruts, the possibility of getting stuck, and some major muddy holes in the shed. If I can work it out this year I'm going to try and get some more gravel on the farm so that I can still function in these muddy times. For example if I needed to get to my livestock trailer today I don't think I would be able to get it out of the shed or even to a place where I could load pigs.

Of course I need to remember that getting all worked up about the mud right now will probably mean that later this summer there will be no mud in sight and I'll be wishing for some mud puddles!

In a completely unrelated note I've been working on creating a new résumé for my job search and I would love some help. In the past my résumés have been fairly bland and just a listing of places where I've worked and then things that I've done. Since I'm looking to move to a job that is different than all the others I've had in the past I've decided to create a more functional résumé that shares my skills and abilities. If you have any experience with résumés I would love to share mine with you and get some advice. Please just shoot me an e-mail and I send one to you. Thanks again for all the help and encouragement you all have been giving me.


Philosopher's Mess said...

I think Muddy Hole Farm would have been a great name.

Issa said...

I like the name Muddy Hole Farm, but then again, I named my little homestead The Wallow... :-)

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