Sunday, September 19, 2010

A New Worker ...

Last Friday I picked up a new worker for the farm ... she's a hard worker and goes most places that I ask her to go. And, on top of that she is my favorite color! I call her the 425 ... and she's a Polaris four-wheeler. She's a bit older, but is a huge help getting around and getting things done quickly (which means a lot with my new schedule).

So far I've only had her four a couple days, but I've used her to build fence, move the water wagon, feed hogs, move the chicken trailer, check for shorts on the fence, and even ride around for fun! I'm thinking this will be one of those things that I'll wonder how I ever lived without! Plus ... did I mention the 425 is blue!

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Rich said...

I have been trying to talk myself into buying a four-wheeler for a while now.

Back when gasoline was getting close to $4.00/gal, I think I could have almost paid for a nice used one with the money saved from buying less fuel (my worn out farm truck gets horrible mileage driving through pastures and down dirt roads).

Teresa said...

I have to say, I thought long and hard about a 4 wheeler, but I went for a Polaris Ranger instead. I love the box on the back. It makes it so much easier to haul fencing materials and anything else (like chain saws) I might need to take out to the pasture! So glad you have something to help make the work easier.

Yeoman said...

Please be careful.

Around here four wheeler became very popular with some ranchers soon after they were introduced. They no longer are. The same is true of motorcycles.

The reason is two fold. In part, they proved to be much less useful and versatile than horses. Secondly, they're killers. It's easy to injure livestock with them, and it's very easy to let one get away from you and get killed. Every year we read of sportsmen getting killed with them. We don't read of ranchers getting killed by them anymore, as very few of them use them for anything other than Jeep like roles, if at all.

We don't use them.

Rich said...


That reminds me of a story my neighbor told me (he is in his 60's).

He was chasing a cow around his pasture in his pickup, hit a hole that launched the truck up in the air, and he rolled it over.

He then had to walk to another neighbor's house, borrowed a tractor and a chain, then rolled the truck up on all four wheels.

By that time the "wild" cow had settled down, so he put her in a trailer and sent her to town, because he couldn't stand having unpredictable cattle like that around (they can get you hurt you know).

But, it wasn't the cow's fault or the pickup's fault that he almost got killed, it was the idiot behind the wheel that caused all the trouble.

If he had been on horseback, on a ATV, on a motorcycle, or probably even on foot, something similar would have happened.

That being said, whenever I am on-foot trying to move cattle off a wheat field, looking for a hidden calf, sorting cattle, or trying to move a bull, I always wish I had a good horse to make the job both easier and less dangerous.

In a perfect world, I would have a pickup, a jeep, an ATV, a horse, and probably a mule (the fence jumping kind).

David N said...

Well I agree that Quads can be dangerous (and also very useful). I grew up racing quads and desert racing dirt bikes. I have been in my share of serious accidents and came out OK (actually have two damaged disks in my lower back). I understand that you wont be racing that thing, and it is for utility.

My main suggestion is always wear a helmet,gloves, and strong boots. I knew of two folks who died riding a quad around their property as kids. It's always the same case, taking the quad out for a low speed ride, flipping it and dying from a head injury. I'm not trying to scare you, just suggesting from experience that you always wear that helmet. Quads can be great tools, but its like any tool, you need to wear proper safety gear (like chaps for your chainsaw :))

I may be just preaching to the choir, but having lived through some bad accidents, I wouldn't trust my life to low speed and careful riding.

Sonica said...

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