Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time For Boots :: Part Two

It's kinda funny that on September 28th, 2006 the second post on this blog was about my search for new boots. At that time I was replacing a pair of hiking boots that had traveled through the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico, held up on numerous Boy Scout camping trips, and even survived a minimal amount of farm work (remember back then the farm was just a dream). Well, now here I am three years later and boots are on my mind again!

At the time I ended up going with Wolverine Compressors for two main reasons. First of all was because of the fit. I had originally tried a pair of Georgia boots, but they just rubbed the wrong spot on my ankles and I never wore them out of the house before returning them. But, the second reason I went with the Wolverine's was because I could use my Cabela's points (there is some good to the credit card points system) to purchase them.

For the past three years, and especially the last year and a half these boots have served me very well and are very comfortable. But, a few weeks ago I noticed a funny feeling as I walk around the farm. It felt like something was stuck to the bottom of my boot. When I checked it out I found nothing stuck there, but what I did find was that the sole of my boot was breaking apart. I will readily admit that it kind of saddened me ... it's one thing for a great pair of gloves to wear out (because they get a lot of use), but I wasn't prepared for my boots to go!

So, now here I am just a bit over three years from my second blog post and I'm writing about the same subject! Any suggestions? Of course I'm going to check out Wolverine's again because they fit so well, but I'm always game to check out something new. And, how about the possibility of having them resoled at a cobbler? I've never had that done before ... is it possible?

Ahh yes ... I'm back to posting three days in a row now ... and back to asking silly questions just like I did three years ago!


Shana said...

I bought my hubby some Carhartt boots and he loves them. They are almost worn out now after 4 years of wear and tear but he got a lot of good hard use out of them.

Mike said...

You'd have to do some research, but I understand that TSC has a good warranty on boots. Again, I've not bought from them, but I plan to check them out soon as I am also in need of boots.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've had boots re-heeled before, it cost about $60. So, for an old fav pair, I think it's worth it. *If* you can find an old fashioned cobbler! They are rare nowadays! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've had boots re-heeled before, it cost about $60. So, for an old fav pair, I think it's worth it. *If* you can find an old fashioned cobbler! They are rare nowadays! :)

Yeoman said...

I'll reprise my recommendation from last time.

Go with Whites.

My Whites are practically brand new from when I bought them, which was right about the time of your post.

For that matter, I have two pairs of Chippewahs that are now over 20 years old, and keep on keeping on.

chris said...

I like red wings. I dont live on a farm but as an electrician I do spend all day on my feet walking and climbing ladders

sugarcreekfarm said...

I love my Muck boots. Then Matt "borrowed" them...and I haven't got them back! So I guess he likes them, too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ethan, I would suggest you take a look at the Danner boots. I use their combat boots - the Fort Lewis and the all-leather Recons). I have used the last two pair for the last 15+ years, and they have never failed me. And they can be resoled and reconditioned to almost-new condition. Cabela's carries the Danner line.

Also, you might want to check out a boot maintenance product called Obenauf's. Mountain firefighters use it and swear by it, and I can tell you it really works.

Good luck in your search!

Yeoman said...

Red Wings are okay. I had a pair or Red Wing logging boots that lasted 25 years of hard use.

Danners are an excellent boot.

But, having worn a lot of boots over the years, none of them compare to Whites, or Hathorns, the cheaper variant of Whites. For those who like loggers, Whites and Hathorns beat all. For farm and ranch use, the various variants of Whites are what I'm sticking with, when I'm not wearing cowboy boots when I know I'll be riding, which is another matter.

Whites, by the way, come with a good rebuild policy.

willson said...

i bought these boots a year ago,and i used them very roughly but still it is the same as it was a year ago,

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