Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Follow Stoneyfield on Facebook

Becca has recently set up a Facebook page for our farm, Stoneyfield. You can check it out here or from the Facebook button on the right of the page. It contains links to things like our websites and features done on our farm. There will also be some photo galleries. If you become a fan of it (a Facebook term for the non-Facebookers) you will recieve updates about products for sale, any new features done about the farm (hopefully there will be another one or two sometime), and whatever else gets added to the page.

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Matthew said...


We found a link to your site in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and I been following your blog for awhile...and had a question the post on facebook about the custom hog ration.

I've read most of your archives, so maybe I've just missed it, or perhaps you wish to keep it a secret (which would be understandable), but what do you feed your pigs? I believe that they're out on pasture, which is similar to what I'd like to try someday; but unlike Mr. Walter Jeffries in VT we don't live anywhere close to a cheese plant to get whey from, or a ice cream manufacturer to get out of date peanut butter. So I'm wondering how much of their diet can the pigs actually pick up from the pasture without completely destroying it; and also-what else do you feed them?

I work on a family's farm (from Church) and they've raised hogs in a pretty commercial way on a small scale (no more that 250 sows) for years--and I know that is not the way I want to raise pigs! But I'm not really sure how to go about it strictly on pasture in the mid-west.

Any help/hints would be appreciated!

Another Beginning Farmer

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