Friday, November 28, 2008

More Thoughts On "The Ominvore's Dilemma"

Since this is such a late post today ... and probably a short post ... I thought I would just take a few seconds to share some more thoughts from my reading of Michael Pollan's book, "The Omnivore's Dilemma". I am about half way through right now and and reading through his chapters about his time at Joel Salatins Polyface Farm. It is pretty interesting to see his take on Polyface and the way Mr. Salatin farms.
  • Mr. Pollan's investigation and writing about current industrial farms was very interesting. I feel like he was conflicted, just like the folks he interviewed, on whether or not industrial organic agriculture was a departure from the ideals of organic. My simple assessment ... money does have a way of changing things!
  • I have never been in a Whole Foods, but after reading about them in this book and online at the Epi-Log I'm pretty interested to check one out. Seeing organic microwaveable food is something I just have to check out. But, if what Mr. Pollan writes is true they have industrialized just as much as the industrial organic farms.
  • Mr. Salatin is a pretty cool farmer ... but, I wonder if he tells the same stories over and over and over! The quotes from this book are the same as I've heard him say in speeches, interviews, and his own books. This isn't a judgment on him ... rather just an observation that I have heard or read him a lot!
  • This book is a pretty good read, but I'm glad I started out reading a lot of more practical application books that contained a little philosophy. While this book does a good job of painting the overall picture I really appreciate being able to look at it somewhat objectively ... at least I hope that is the way I can look at it.
So, there are just a few thoughts on "The Omnivore's Dilemma" ... sorry for the late post, but we are having a great Thanksgiving Weekend!


fullfreezer said...

While we were on vacation with family this summer, enjoying a week at the beach, we gave my sister in law a really hard time about some of the organic food she brought along. I'm a supporter of organic and local foods but IMO, a pop tart is still a pop tart, even if it is 'organic'.
Glad you are having a pleasant holiday weekend.

Andrew the Organic Maven said...

Hmmm... IMO do you want cancer causing pesticides with that?

You are what you eat.

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