Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Value of Discussion in Learning

Some of the great discussions that have popped up in the past couple of weeks have really made me think about why this I started this blog. If you go back a year-and-a-half you will find THIS POST introducing The Beginning Farmer Blog. I said it then and I will reiterate now, the reasons I started this blog were to be a journal of my journey and to hopefully be a source of information for those with the same desire to farm. I have always been a person that gets the most out of something when I can write about it, so in a sense the blog is my opportunity to do that ... and possibly is a bit self-serving :) But, now that we are into it a ways I just have to thank everyone that has gotten involved in the discussion. I feel like I have been able to learn so much and have a better grasp on so many farming related topics because of what everyone has contributed.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has thrown in their two-cents or answered questions. I think reading is great, doing makes you learn, but in many cases you can't beat some good discussion that brings in many points of view. Through the discussion in the comments on different posts I have been pointed to other articles that give me ideas, shown another side of something that I had never considered, and even thought about changing my mind!

So, here is my challenge ... If you aren't even reading the comments on the bottom of the posts, get reading (you can also find new comments in the right column)! Often times there are better thoughts there then in my posts. If you are already commenting, keep it up ... I (err... WE) need the thoughtful insight, jokes, or contrarian point of view. If you have never posted, jump in the fray! Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking we don't have anything to add, but I know there are a lot of great minds out there so help us out. And finally, share this blog with other like-minded thinking about, beginning, and practicing farmers. The more minds the better I say!

If you want to see some of the great discussions that have been going on lately check out these links and get involved:

The Joy of Work

How Much Land Do You Need?

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Bradley Barnyard Beginnings said...

We are some of those very beginning farmers that you mentioned Ethan. We both love hunting, fishing, and homesteading, but we are brand spankin new to the whole farming concept. We enjoy reading your blog, as well as the comments from others. When you are starting out there is alot of things to consider. We have already learned a great deal, thanks to kind folks like yourself. Thanks

Yeoman said...

The reasons you've stated for starting your blog are pretty similiar to the reasons I had, when I had one. And I tended to find what you did, that the conversations added a lot to my exploratory thought process.

From the other side, a blog like this one provides a valuable place for the rest of us to comment and gain knowledge. Our process won't be quite the same as yours, but it is valuable to us, and we owe you thanks for hosting this site, and posting the threads to comment on.

Twinville said...

I love reading your Blog, but don't post often. I'm always learning from the comments of others here, too.

I'm not a farmer, in any sense of the word, just starting out with a few fiber animals, like llamas, angoras, some chickens and some dairy goats.

But reading other's blogs always shows me a new way of looking at things and gives me great ideas to use on our mini-ranch.


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