Friday, October 27, 2006

Money in Farming?

This is a question that was posted on a message board that I read every few days ( It is also a question that has been on my mind recently. Of course there is an easy answer to this question ... yes, there is money in farming! But, the bigger question for me is whether or not there is enough money in farming to cover your production costs and provide for your family?

According to statistics I have read in magazines and on the internet small farms are experiencing somewhat of a comeback in the United States these days. But, how many of these farms are providing the bulk of the income for the farming families? There are many part-time farms or hobby farms out there opporating on a small scale, but how many small scale farms are producing and bringing in enough to provide a living for a family on the farm?

These are some of the questions that I am researching, thinking on, asking about, and just plain day-dreaming about. If you want to see what some other people think about the answer to this question you can follow along with the discussion at Money in Farming? at

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./p said...

I'm where you were 4 years ago pondering this very question as I make plans to build a farm, and start producing in about 2 years. I guess you found your answer.

Steven Romero

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